Sharing your work

Sending a work email is like jumping out of a plane, I have to throw away all logic and just say “fuck it.” In a skydiving situation its because theres no other way I could convince myself to jump*, in a work email situation its because I know that no matter how many times I go over it, theres still a good chance I’ve left a big stupid typo in there.

                                           Luckily those email addresses didn't work

                                          Luckily those email addresses didn't work

I have to say “fuck it” because if I wait around for it to be perfect I’ll never send the damn thing. So at some point I have to accept that its not absolutely perfect but still send it off for people to see.

If by now you haven’t realised sending an email is a metaphor for sharing your creative pursuit, you are now up to speed.

No one ever feels like what they’ve done is perfect, we all want to keep polishing it away from other peoples prying, judgemental eyes, waiting until its really perfect before letting anyone see it. We all feel like what we’ve done isn’t really properly done yet. I have the same attitude about any joke before I get onstage.

                                                                     "We can tell!"

                                                                    "We can tell!"

But I’ve learnt to do it anyway. Especially at the start, you gotta pump that stuff out. Perfection will come with the 50,000th joke, before then I’m just trying to learn how to not suck. And I think that applies to everyone, don’t try and be great at the start, try to be doing something, you can get great later.

Its more fun anyway. Who wants to sit on one idea or concept for a year? How much pressure! Theres no way anything goes as well as it should if you’ve taken a year to start showing it around.

I know it can be stressful, fact is, the best way to not fail is to not let anyone see you try. Its a very appealing option, I can tell myself I’m the best writer/painter/lover if I only ever do it by myself, but I won’t ever be as good as if I share. You learn more from epic failure than anything else, you also learn a lot from medium failure, and medium success, and high success, but you won’t learn anything if you don’t actually show it to people.

So stop tweaking and making excuses, take a leaf out of Roosevelts book, show people what you do and realise how much you suck. You’ll be glad you did.

After the initial tears (of course).


*I've never skydived since I assume its like sending a work email