2005 - A local Blockbuster
The speakers are playing 50 Cent - Candy Shop as a group of red eyed teenagers stumble through the door, heads nodding in time to the music and giggling as they view the New Releases section.
“Hey what about Batman Begins?”
“Oh yeh, I heard thats meant to be good, I read a review for it in the newspaper. They’ve made it more dark and realistic.”
“That sounds crazy for a comic book movie but I guess we can check it out.”
They shuffle over to the checkout aisle to hire the movie when all of a sudden one of them sees a sign.
“Hey, its one New Release for $7.99 but we can pay $9.99 for two New Releases and two Weeklies.”
“Whoah, thats crazy pricing.”
“I guess 2005 is a crazy kind of year.”
“You really didn’t have to say what year it was.”
So the search begins for another New Release and two Weeklies. Yelling out to each other across the aisles as they move from Thriller to Sci-Fi with one friend just sitting in the anime section making suggestions noone will listen to.
“What about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?”
“Nah I don’t really like weird movies.”
“You just have to give it a shot, its like learning to love oysters.”
“I don’t like oysters.”
“But they’re so delicious!”
“No way, maybe if its kilpatrick.”
“Then you’re just covering up the taste of the oyster!”
“Hey what about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?”
Two hours later and they still haven’t watched a movie. They haven’t even left the store yet.


Did the indecision in the above scene make you angry?

It would definitely make some of my friends mad. For them the very idea of indecision is so infuriating that they would rather not hang out than have to go through the ordeal of watching friends take a while to make up their minds. These poor people could never be friends with Patrick Bateman.

We all know how making decisions works, I went through it recently with laundry powder. Even though I don’t care for some reason I go online and read reviews (plus comments), toss up for a few days over which is the best type (how is there a difference between front loader powder and top loader powder?), weigh up the pros and cons individually and then how they compare to eachother. Finally I make a decision, go to the store to buy it, get home and instantly regret the decision, go back and buy another brand, throw out the first one I bought, and then never think about it again.

Is there anything worse than having to decide between arbitrary products? If only they had one of everything, things would be so much better. It doesn’t even need to be a good version, I’m happy with a slightly better than mediocre version if it means I don’t have a choice in the matter. Just another example of the joys of Communism...or Aldi. Am I saying you’re a communist if you shop at Aldi? Yes.*

So when you get annoyed at indecision, you’re getting annoyed at the annoying indecision. Which is when you don’t even care but you don’t want to feel like you screwed up. We have the internet now, right? We shouldn’t be getting bad products anymore. So you think a quick check of Google will make you feel better, until you find yourself staring at a forum at 2am reading two people screaming at eachother on what constitutes appropriate fabric softness.

You shouldn’t lump fun indecision in there, especially if it means missing out on the fun of the indecisiveness. When those friends were standing in Blockbuster they were having a great time. Sure, they spent the time they would have watched the movie picking more movies they are never going to watch, but they were there for a good time with friends. Its not like they are going to remember the movie anyway.

So next time you are feeling annoyed at friends needing ages to make up their mind just take a moment and think to yourself “these are the moments I should cherish” - depending on how indecisive they are you may need to take several moments.

* Maybe.